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Krishna Pendyala

Better Choices: A better Life!

Here's a simple way for busy people to raise their inner awareness. We offer a playful framework for The Driven and Restless™ to make more mindful choices that go beyond our basic instincts and pure logic and improve our quality of life.

Our approach is easy to learn and simple to adopt into your life. Since it’s not based on abstract or esoteric principles, it does not require any long term commitment — just a desire to develop a more compassionate understanding of your self and those around you, while having some fun along the way.

A third of my book is dedicated to 21 true stories that illustrate how our choices, both big and small, can be influenced by powerful hidden forces in the six LifeSpaces that we all inhabit — Self, Partner, Friends, Work, Money and Kids. Please accept them as my gift to you. You will receive only one short story a week. Please sign up below. Hope you enjoy them.

TEDx Pittsburgh - Minding your PIG and APE

Krishna Pendyala is a sought-after workshop leader and consultant whose vision is to use playful awareness to empower people. He is neither a psychologist nor a philosopher, but inspires audiences as a "recovering engineer" who has had five leases on life. He takes this opportunity very seriously to playfully explore the tricks our minds can play on us.

For a simple approach in the "The Pursuit of Happiness," please read an interview with renowned psychotherapist Olivia Mellan for AdvisorOne at

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